Molding for Life

Since 1989 ProMed has provided overall excellence in the art and science of molding-specializing in the manufacture of small, intricately designed silicone and plastic components for the medical industry. See an overview of where ProMed solutions are put to work, for life.

A Collective Experience

ProMed is a mid-sized company with over 200 employees. Our diverse backgrounds in education, life experience, and employment history enable us to draw from a comprehensive collection of real-world solutions.

Engineered Solutions

ProMed is a full-service provider of molded parts and assemblies that are produced within a Class 10,000/ISO Class 7 environment. We utilize the vast expertise of our engineering, quality, and production personnel to provide you with a dependable, high-quality, cost-effective solution to your development and manufacturing requirements.

Concept to Completion

By garnering a mutual understanding of your project’s objectives, our experienced engineering teams can identify the appropriate technology that will provide effective, cost-sensitive, and timely solutions. Ranging from prototypes to full-scale automated production requirements, ProMed is capable of fulfilling the most demanding expectations.

Is Part of Our Culture

At ProMed, quality is not a department, it is a cultural commitment. We understand the importance of quality to your success. That is why quality is embraced every step of the way to create a product that will assure confidence in your devices.


Silicone Molded Products

ProMed was founded in 1989 to address an industry need for cleanroom manufacturing of silicone components, specifically those having a medical application. Wayne Kelly, owner of ProMed since 2003, has spent his entire career devoted to medical manufacturing. His reputation in the industry rests solidly on treating employees well and striving to provide customers with the very best that his company has to offer. In less than 10 years, ProMed’s sales grew 6X while broadening the product offerings to include assembly, micro-molding of highly engineered plastics, and combination products. Since then, ProMed has garnered a reputation as the world benchmark of implantable silicone components and assemblies – and is one of a handful of companies in the world to provide contract manufacturing of drug-eluting products.


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