Whether it is engineering samples, prototype parts or a full production release, ProMed Molded Products takes a customized approach that best fits your developmental needs. We offer two paths for processing prototypes. One path, running parts through our Rapid Prototype Department provides you with prototypes that can be best described as engineering samples or “touchy feely” parts. These parts are made from the specified material and can be finished in less than one business week. The other path, through our Technical Center provides you with prototypes that can be fully validated and a process that is repeatable on a large scale. The path selected depends on the specific needs of the customer. By utilizing our Technical Center and/or our Rapid Prototype Department we can focus on developing products quickly and efficiently without interrupting production activities. Our dedicated project management teams and technical resources ensure that your project is accelerated through the process, from concept to production.

Rapid Prototype Development
ProMed rapid prototypes fill a market void by offering customers real molded parts, made from a wide variety of materials, all in less than one business week. Aluminum (soft) tooling is created and parts molded in an expeditious fashion. Opposed to 3D printing options that offer “similar” materials to the real thing, ProMed’s Rapid Prototype Department offers molded parts using the specified material. As soon as the part model or drawing is received we begin the tool design process for your project. Customers can choose from dozens of material options ranging from implantable grade silicones to industrial grade plastics and a variety of other materials in between. Parts made from specified materials provide design engineers with valuable information when conducting proof of concept and form/fit/function testing. Knowing your prototypes are as similar to a production part as anything available in today’s market, brings confidence that your design will meet the intended use. Call us direct to request a quotation or use our online quotation / order process. When the time comes that you require parts to be qualified, ProMed’s Technical Center team takes over, creating hardened tools and developing a process that can be fully validated and is repeatable on a large scale.

Technical Center (New Product Development team)
We know how important it is for you to get your product to market quickly to meet critical market windows. When you require more than engineering samples, ProMed’s NPD (New Product Development) team takes over. The NPD team works out of the Technical Center, a self-contained, company within a company. Having their own equipment, personnel and material, the Technical Center group is able to support new projects in a timely manner without interrupting production activities. We offer design assistance, help with material selection and supply chain management. Parts are molded within a Class 10,000 cleanroom utilizing 420 stainless steel molds. Tooling can be validated by performing thorough developmental studies following GMP guidelines and establishing and correlating measurement methodologies.

A typical scope of work entails:

• Tool function evaluation
• Process parameter range-finding activities
• Statistical process capabilities (ppk/cpk analysis)
• Repeatability and reliability studies
• Measurement methodology development
• Validation activities (FAI and Qualification)

By choosing this path you can be confident that the parts you receive meet all of your specifications and requirements. For more information on prototyping check out

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