Silicone Molding

Silicone Molding

Processed within one of several Class 10,000 cleanrooms, ProMed uses the appropriate technology that best supports your design, material selection, and cost-structure requirements. Additionally, we offer custom compounding to meet the unique performance requirements of your design.

ProMed’s silicone molding abilities support fabrication of components for the following applications:

• Punctal plugs with or without drug-eluting capability
• Hormonal birth control components or assemblies
• Surgical instruments
• Inner/outer seals
• Connector boots
• Suture sleeves
• Grommets
• Balloons
• Tines

ProMed has expertise in working with the full spectrum of silicones covering a wide range of properties and characteristics. We will assist in your material selection to help ensure all design requirements are met.

Materials include:

• Liquid silicone rubber (LSR)
• Durometer ranging from 5 to 80 durometer
• High-consistency rubber (HCR)
• Durometer ranging from 20 to 80 durometer
• Room-temperature vulcanizing silicone (RTV)

We can find the right manufacturing solution for any project. Our wide range of state-of-the-art molding equipment features:

• Integrated automation
• Multi-drop, cold deck technology
• Computerized controller
• Precise injection units with proprietary technologies

The above equipment utilizes cost-effective, high-end molding technology to keep operating expenses down while producing parts with an extremely high level of precision and repeatability.
Our tools are designed and manufactured to exacting tolerances. Expert toolmakers use high-tech design software and machining centers to produce molds that are durable and dimensionally repeatable from cavity to cavity, part to part! Platform tooling designs are utilized to minimize tooling cost and shorten mold delivery time, resulting in a prompt development cycle schedule.

Our extensive experience is in:

• Multi-cavity tooling
• Micro molds
• Servo-controlled de-molding capabilities
• Insert molds, overmolds, and automation integration