Thermoplastic Molding

Thermoplastic Molding

Our competitive advantage is having the right equipment and processes in place to help minimize material waste and maximize efficiency. Our highly automated molding technology provides cost-effective utilization of biocompatible-grade polymers (plastics) in complex and difficult-to-manufacture geometries.

We have experience with many medical grade materials. We specialize in the not so common, highly engineered thermoplastics and Bio-materials such as:

• PLGA and more
• PEEK & Filled PEEK
• Ultem

We also work with the more common materials such as Polycarbonate, ABS & Pebax. Our expertise as well as the majority of our experience is with long-term, short-term implantable components. Parts as small as .002g, and shot size of .05g up to 3g

Here at ProMed we make the tooling portion of your project extremely simple and cost-effective. We have incorporated a standard tooling chase onto our presses. This tooling chase is fully capitalized; therefore your only investment is the inserts that create your part detail.

We have presses that range from 5 to 35 ton. Our processing equipment is specifically designed for micro-molding. Maximizing parts per pound, minimizing waste and precisely controlling shot size. Our processing equipment creates its own micro environment. The microenvironment can be nitrogen purged when needed for extremely sensitive bio-absorbable materials.

Automation is fully incorporated with our processing equipment and is encapsulated within the microenvironment. This automation allows us to cost-effectively:

• Perform in-line inspections
• Place inserts for over molding
• Part/Gate removal
• Lights out operation

With Thermoplastic Molding at ProMed:

• Material waste is minimized- This is especially beneficial in markets where the cost for each pound of materials is extremely high.
• Material quality is maintained- Appropriately sized molding equipment reduces dwell time of the raw material, eliminating material degradation while maintaining the quality of the material.
• Molding process is repeatable- The filling mechanics utilize a patented servo electric control system, resulting in a highly controlled and repeatable process.
• Molding equipment is highly capable- Conventional filling pressures and velocities are greatly exceeded, enabling the manufacture of very small parts and extremely thin wall sections.