Thermoplastic Molding

Thermoplastic Molding

Our competitive advantage is having the right equipment and processes in place to help minimize material waste and maximize efficiency. Our highly automated molding technology provides cost-effective utilization of biocompatible-grade polymers (plastics) in complex and difficult-to-manufacture geometries.

thermoplastic-moldingMaterial waste is minimized

This is especially beneficial in markets where the cost for each pound of materials is extremely high.

Material quality is maintained

Appropriately sized molding equipment reduces dwell time of the raw material, eliminating material degradation while maintaining the quality of the material.

Repeatability of the molding process

The filling mechanics utilize a patented servo electric control system, resulting in a highly controlled and repeatable process.

Capability of the molding equipment

Conventional filling pressures and velocity are greatly exceeded, enabling the manufacture of very small parts and extremely thin wall sections.